Exporting all Sheets on a Spreadsheet to a Single CSV

If you have a spreadsheet with multiple sheets/tabs containing similar tables of data; and you want to export the whole lot to a single CSV, then this VBA macro should help:

Sub ExportAllSheetsToSingleCSV()
    'The file to write to
    outputFile = "C:\Users\dan\output.csv"
    f = FreeFile()
    Dim headerLine As String
    Open outputFile For Output As f
    For Each Sheet In Worksheets
        For Each Row In Sheet.Rows
            Dim line As String
            line = ""
            Dim sep As String
            sep = ""
            Dim lineIsNonEmpty As Boolean
            lineIsEmpty = True
            'Work through all cells on this row
            For Each cell In Row.Cells
                If cell <> "" Then
                    line = line & sep & cell
                    sep = ","
                    lineIsEmpty = False
                End If
            'Did we find anything
            If lineIsEmpty = False Then
                'Dont write the header line out multiple times
                If headerLine <> line Then
                    Print #f, line
                End If
                'Set the header line to the first non empty line we find
                If headerLine = "" Then
                    headerLine = line
                End If
            End If
    Close #f
End Sub