Follow People on Hacker News with hn_comment_follow

I often find the comments on Hacker News are fantastic and there are certain users who’s opinion I always value. To that end I’ve created a python script to help follow what my favourite people are saying on Hacker News: hn_comment_follow. It’s on GitHub in case others would like to fork it.

To call it, invoke the script like this:

python pg patio11 d4nt

The list of users should be space separated.

The output will look a bit like this:

2 days ago


This sounds like a crazy plan for a startup, I realize, but this is the right sort of crazy. ;In fact, the way the Hackruiters think about Hacker School is a lot like the way we initially thought about YC: if it doesn’t make money, it will at least have been a benevolent thing to do.


Props to Microsoft, but this is actually pretty routine. ;(It was literally written policy at a previous employer of mine.)Manual exception handling at the warehouse is crazily expensive. ;It is much, much easier to write it off (as shrinkage, not charity) than to get the item back into active inventory (all the fun of chasing invoices, except the amount payable is “one XBox”, and the person doing the chasing sees their general productivity go to pot), particularly as it may have been opened. ;The charity suggestion removes many customer objections and ends the ongoing CS expense almost immediately.


Just staying, our literally written policy was “Offer DDD”: donate, destroy, or “dispose of” (a polite euphemism for “You keep it”) the misshipped item. ;I would have added the Christmas flourish if I were saying it in December, too, but the options would have been the same in July. ;(n.b. The business does not care what you do. ;We want to convey, in the politest possible way, that we both don’t want it and don’t want to talk to you about it.)