Rage Against the Obsolete

I just love that so many people are buying the Rage Against the Machine single ‘Killing in the Name of’ to make it the Christmas number 1 here in the UK. Essentially what has happened is that a large body of people have decided to take a swipe at the corporate music publishing industry and remind them who’s in charge here.

This isn’t a particularly significant event in itself. What it is, is a reminder that the world has changed. The world doesn’t need music labels any more  That is to say, if they didn’t already exist it wouldn’t be necessary to create them. The public, and bands themselves, can do a perfectly good job of finding and promoting good music. And the internet is the perfect medium for distributing recorded music. I’ll say it again, music labels add no value to this process.

I appreciate this is not easy for the music labels to accept, but they’ve had 10 years since to warning shot that was Napster, I’m starting to think they deserve everything they get.