Ansl – A .NET Search Library

I’ve written an implementation of the a simple search library in C#. It’s called Ansl (A .NET Search Library) and it implements the TF-IDF algorithm for indexing text documents.

By default it stores it’s index in memory but its storage engine is pluggable and it comes with an implementation of a folder storage class too so indexes can be built up and stored in the file system

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Fixing MacVim .gvimrc Encoding Errors

For weeks I’ve been going mad trying to figure out why most of the settings in my .gvimrc file were being ignored on MacVim.

At first I thought it must be some strange quirk of MacVim that it didn’t support the same settings a GVim (on Windows) but everything I read online suggested that wasn’t it.

I have my .gvimrc and .vim folders sync’d using Dropbox. I’ve setup symbolic links on my

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On Developers and Managers

I recently got drawn into a bit of a debate on a LinkedIn discussion group about whether a Development Manager should be spending time writing code or not. This is something I feel quite strongly about and the following is a heavily reworked version of my response.

If I asked a group of sales managers whether a head of sales should still be involved in some selling, I think most of

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Copying Work Item Templates Across Projects in TFS

To copy a work item template definition from one TFS project to another, install the TFS Power Tools and then type the following commands in the Visual Studio 2010 Command Prompt:


witadmin exportwitd /collection:http://tfsserver:8080 /p:”SourceProject” /n:”Work Item Type Name” /f:”C:PathToLocalFile.xml”
witadmin importwitd /collection:http://tfsserver:8080 /p:”DestinationProject” /f:”C:PathToLocalFile.xml”

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The Nerds are Coming

I think the way we buy things is changing. Two recent family purchases have convinced me that one day, everyone will buy stuff like a nerd. The other day I needed a mouse pad. We keep our family computer on a cheap desk with wood *effect* surface …

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Cleaning Source Control Bindings from Source Code With Powershell

I needed to prepare some code for release to someone outside our company. The code was a Visual Studio 2005 solution and I don’t have VS2005 installed any more. This made removing the source control bindings and debug files a pain as I couldn’t just open the solution and use Visual Studio to do it.

So instead, I came up with the following powershell code to remove the source control bindings

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