Is ASP.NET WebForms Loosing its Mind-Share?

In order to settle some internal curiosity I did some digging around on the Stack Exchange Data Explorer site, and created this query. It shows the number of posts each month that are tagged ‘ASP.NET’, ‘WebForms’ and ‘ASP.NET-MVC’ respectively. Here’s a graph of the results:


What’s interesting is that while the overall number of ‘ASP.NET’ posts is growing steadily (probably reflecting the increasing number of stack overflow users), the number of WebForms posts is pretty static. Meanwhile, the number of ‘ASP.NET-MVC’ posts is rising all the time.

While the overall proportion of ASP.NET posts that are MVC posts is actually going down, its striking that almost non of the growth in the ASP.NET posts is being picked up by the WebForms tag.

I can think of two possible conclusions here

  1. The WebForms tag is strangely unused. Perhaps because people posting WebForms questions consider WebForms to be ‘proper’ or ‘normal’ ASP.NET so the tag is not necessary.
  2. WebForms is loosing mind-share