Ideas for an Academy

With the news that thousands of UK schools will be invited to become academies. I thought’d suggest some innovative ways of running a school that nobody seems to have tried yet.

  • Abandon School Terms
    Schools Terms are a nightmare, parents have to arrange child care for 13 weeks of the year when school isn’t on. They artificially increases demand for holidays when school is not on (thereby increasing the prices). Teachers complain that they’re overworked during term time because of all the planning and paperwork they have to do in addition to the 9-3:30 school day; and it’s all completely arbitrary. There’s no intrinsic reason for having school terms other than the fact that that’s how everyone else does it.Instead, I’d like to see a school where education happens all year round for half a day, with both students and teachers getting 25 days per year of allowed holiday to be arranged with the consent of the teachers or school heads.
  • Much more use of Video and Software
    Much of a lesson still consists of repeating aspects that could be captured once by the best teachers in the world and reused. I know that most of teaching is interactive, but by freeing up the thousands of teaching hours that are spend each year repeating the same old demonstrations or explanations, we could actually reduce class sizes and increase the amount of 1 to 1 attention that each student receives, rather than reduce it.
  • Micro Private Schools
    A teacher’s pay is about