Freelance Developer

I’m a freelance full stack web developer with over 20 years experience in building software. Checkout my LinkedIn profile to see more about my career history.


I sell my time in 0.5 day (4 hour) increments at £200+VAT per half day. Lower rates are available for long term bookings. I work remotely from my office, but am happy to travel to anywhere in Birmingham or London on a regular basis for meetings or general onsite time.


If you’d like to hire me to join a team of other developers and you have a clear idea of the development process you want me to use then I’m happy to follow that.

However, if software development is not your background, as an experienced professional I consider it a part of my overall service to guide you though the process. As part of that service, you can expect me to:

  • Help you to document what software features you need me to build, clarifying any key points in writing to avoid wasted effort during the build phase.
  • Design and document the overall visual layout and structure of the software (i.e. the User Experience), seeking your feedback and making adjustments until we arrive at an agreed set of designs.
  • Set up test servers and periodically deploy the software I’m developing onto them so you can review my work as we go.
  • Set up a project portal and keep it up to date with details of each of the tasks, features or bugs we’ve identified, their statuses, and any additional information such as discussion threads or attached documents.
  • Attend regular phone/video calls with you or your team to discuss my progress and agree my priorities.
  • Prepare a test plan for the software I’m developing, and run though the tests in that plan at key intervals to catch as many bugs as possible.
  • Work with your hosting provider to deploy the finished software onto it.

At the start of any project I will arrange a kick off meeting to talk you through my approach, so if you have any particular requests in this area that’s the ideal time to discuss them.

You can read more about my development process here.


If you have a view about which technologies you’d like me to use please let me know. If you’re not sure, I would be happy to make a recommendation.

I most commonly use .NET/C#, Python, or Go at the backend and Webpack, Typescript, Sass, Bootstrap and either Knockout or Angular on the frontend. I’m also capable of using a wide range of other technologies, so if you have something in particular you’d like me to use, please get in touch using the form below.


I’ve been using .NET since it came out in Beta form back in 2000. I currently use .NET Core 2.0, the latest, open source, cross platform incarnation of the framework. .NET is a great option if you need a platform that’s fast, extremely well supported, and that will put the bosses at a big companies at ease. I am the lead developer on QueryTree, an open source reporting tool build using .NET Core 2.0. You can see my work on GitHub.


I’ve been using Python for over 5 years. It’s a great dynamic language, meaning it’s extremely flexible and quick to develop with. It’s not as fast as .NET and it doesn’t have a big company like Microsoft backing it, but it’s very well established and a great choice for startups, data analysis and experimental products. I built SQLizer using python, and it’s now become the internet’s leading data migration tool.


Go is a super fast language from Google. For large complex web-scale systems it’s a fantastic choice. I led team that built using Go.

Get In Touch

To find out about my availability and/or to ask for an estimate for your project, please send me a message using this form: