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Why Bitcoin is Worse Than Cigarettes and the Euro

Say you’re a gang leader and you control a territory. In order to pay your henchmen and enrich yourself, you decide to tax the local population and extract a proportion of all their wealth. Now, they might conduct most of their trade with each other using silver pieces, cigarettes, US Dollars, or bundles of pink […]

Your Private Data is Too Important to Give to the Government

The United States Constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms as a last resort insurance policy against the government turning tyrannical and taking away their liberty. Guns are too effective, the argument goes, to be the preserve of government; the executive branch should not have a monopoly on their use. I have often questioned […]

Free Speech, the Press and #Leveson

It’s supposed to work like this: You can say or write anything, no matter who it hurts If what you say is wrong, someone else is free to say so and expose you If you’re exposed as being wrong, people stop listening to you This is the basic idea of free speech. Many people have […]

Free Speach Works

The fuss over whether Nick Griffin should be allowed on the BBC’s Question Time is quite staggering. The people who object to his appearence must have so little faith in their own counter argument that they dare not risk engaging in open debate. A…

Child Benefit, Fairness and Simplicity

While I agree with the principle, the Government’s planned cuts to child benefit for anyone earning over £44,000 has a massive loophole. If I was earning £43,875 and my partner wasn’t earning anything, a £1000 pay rise would leave the family drast…

Privacy Is An Anomaly

Watching the BBC’s Virtual Revolution this evening, I was struck by how alarmist it was on the subject of privacy. All kinds of assertions were made about how “worrying” or “dangerous” it is to have specific bits of information in the hands of com…

Wait. You think its fair to keep my DNA for 6 years! Don’t like someone? Got a grudge against them? Why not make wild and baseless accusations about them to the police. Not only can they be locked up for up to 28 days. Their DNA will be forcibly tak…