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Cleaning Source Control Bindings from Source Code With Powershell

I needed to prepare some code for release to someone outside our company. The code was a Visual Studio 2005 solution and I don’t have VS2005 installed any more. This made removing the source control bindings and debug files a pain as I couldn’t just open the solution and use Visual Studio to do it.

So instead, I came up with the following powershell code to remove the source control bindings

My Customer Feedback…

Buying stuff from your online store is a truly awful experience. This evening I wanted to buy a light fitting. I knew the one I wanted, I had my debit card ready and I wanted to get the whole thing done ASAP so I can relax and enjoy my evening. In…

Is ASP.NET WebForms Loosing its Mind-Share?

In order to settle some internal curiosity I did some digging around on the Stack Exchange Data Explorer site, and created this query. It shows the number of posts each month that are tagged ‘ASP.NET’, ‘WebForms’ and ‘ASP.NET-MVC’ respectively. Here’s a graph of the results:


What’s interesting is that while the overall number of ‘ASP.NET’ posts is growing steadily (probably reflecting

#Cablegate is the Napster of Diplomacy

The leak of US Diplomatic cables has been heavily critisised by most governments, but I wonder if, for all their noise about how irresponsible and unpatriotic Wikileak’s is being, governments doth protest just a little too much. I have two observa…

HOWTO: Edit the Workflow of a Work Item Type on an Existing TFS Project Using Visual Studio 2008

To edit the TFS workflow for a work item on an exiting project, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt
  2. Type the following

    witexport /f “Local File Name.xml” /t “TFS_Server_Name” /p “Project name” /n “Work Item Type name”

  3. If you haven’t done so already, install the TFS Power tools
  4. Open Visual Studio 2008
  5. On the Tools menu, select the Process Editor -> Open WIT From File option
  6. Browse to the “Local File Name.xml”

Strictly is a Mess

Tonight’s 2 hour Strictly marathon was seriously flawed. When they dumped Arline Philips I had my doubts. When they made it over two hours long I found myself loosing interest during the voting and getting angry at Brucy’s jokes for taking up my v…

Ideas for an Academy

With the news that thousands of UK schools will be invited to become academies. I thought I’d suggest some innovative ways of running a school that nobody seems to have tried yet. Abandon School Terms Schools Terms are a nightmare, parents have …

Privacy Is An Anomaly

Watching the BBC’s Virtual Revolution this evening, I was struck by how alarmist it was on the subject of privacy. All kinds of assertions were made about how “worrying” or “dangerous” it is to have specific bits of information in the hands of com…