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Running for Portage

When you have children, you hope and pray that everything will be ok. That they will be born healthy and grow up just like everyone else. When our second daughter, Imogen, was born that’s exactly how we felt. But when Immy was about 1 year old we realised that she was having significant difficulty sitting up, walking […]

Imogen Rose Thompson

Imogen Rose Thompson, born at 01:10 hrs on 18 May 2011. Weighing 3.2 Kg (7lbs 1oz). Mum and Baby both fine and at home now.

Potato Salad

Tony Compolo once said to me “You know Daniel, you’re gonna die. You might not feel like it now, but one day you’ll die; your family will put you in the ground, go back to your house and eat potato salad!” He’s right of course, but I didn’t feel l…