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Handling Method Parameter Default Values Using Moq

We at Contigo often use a pattern where methods with multiple nullable parameters retrieve collections of entities from a data store a bit like this:

IEnumerable GetThingsFromDatabase(int? intFilter = null, bool? boolFilter = null, stringFilter = null)

These methods treat a null value as “no filtering required” so they can be called with only those filters that are relevant to the calling code. In this

What Are You Optimising For?

Very few software designs/architectures are completely and objectively bad. Most designs optimise for something. Here’s a [probably incomplete] list of things that you could optimise for in software architecture:

  • Developer Time Now
    When we say we’re doing something “quick and dirty”, or that we are taking out “Technical Debt”, then we are optimising the development time now.
  • Developer Time Later
    This is what people traditionally mean by “good” code. A